Fixing the Cufon Sub-menu Whitespace Error

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Update: January 7, 2011

I noticed this bug happening again on another template I was working on and after some debugging I found out that wp_nav_menu also adds some tab characters. So make sure you take out these characters as well.

$menu = str_replace("\t", "", $menu);

I just came across this annoying error when using Cufon in WordPress with the wp_nav_menu function that adds an extra line-break with submenus. This causes Cufon to wrap canvas tags around the character and add extra spacing where it’s not needed. So here’s a quick little fix with wp_nav_menu to strip out all newline characters.

$menu = wp_nav_menu(
$menu = str_replace("\n", "", $menu);
$menu = str_replace("\r", "", $menu);
echo $menu;


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